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Midi songs that I sequenced:



Midi's I have Collected

La Cucaracha
End of the Innocents
Tears in Heaven(Thanks Vikki)
Love Song For a Vampire(Thanks Bomi)
I Got You Babe
Farwell to Nova Scotia
Men in Black
I Love How You Love Me (Thanks Tammy)
Tic Tic Tac(by. Fruit de la Passion)
Top Gun Theme
The Avengers Theme
Love's Theme
It's Your Love.
Any Man of Mine.
My Heart Will Go On.(Theme From Titantic.)
Kiss The Girl.
Bare Necessities.
Horse With No Name.
Love Letters in the Sand.
Rocky Mountain High.
Puff the Magic Dragon.
City of New Orleans. (Thanks Sly Fox)
Fire on High. (E.L.O.)
Santa Monica.
Baby Elephant Walk.
A Song For You.
Come On Eileen
I Cross My Heart
Don't Fear the Reaper
Battle of New Orleans

Ray Lewis

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