Clay 2/15/00 - 11:48:23 AM
steering wheel
I'm trying to pull the steering wheel off my 1941 truck and I'm having a lot of difficulty, is there a special way to do this?

mr bill: 2/15/00 - 12:03:20 PM
RE: steering wheel
The best way is with a special steering wheel puller that cost way too much. But if your wheel is like my '38 you can drill and tap the large metal bushing in the wheel on either side of the shaft. Then place a strip of metal with holes that line up with the ones you drilled in the bushing across the end of the steering shaft and run bolts into the threaded holes. Tighten up the bolts slowly and the wheel should pop off. Worked for me and didnt cost anything.

GasHouse: 2/15/00 - 12:23:09 PM
RE: steering wheel
It also might help to put some lubricating oil in around the steering shaft where the steering shaft and steering wheel meet, and let it sit before the actual deed.

JWL: 2/15/00 - 8:13:34 PM
RE: steering wheel
My 40 and 41 both have puller holes already available. Nearly any simple , bolt on puller should work.

Jim: 2/15/00 - 7:10:18 PM
RE: steering wheel
Get an 'A'/V8 axle knocker(its a long nut threaded on only one side. Screw it on with about 1/8 clearance between it and the wheel, set down, put both knees against the under side of the wheel pushing up and tap the knocker with a good sized ball pein.

rumble seat: 2/15/00 - 7:55:27 PM
RE: steering wheel
mr bill's way works on everyone like these that I pull. However I use an old spring shackle instead of the metal strip and drill the bolt holes to fit their spacing. They're really strong and don't bend. Suggest you thread the nut back on the shaft a few turns to keep from damaging the threads.

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