BillB: 5/8/2000 - 5:13:49 PM
Tires & Handling
I think the Flatheaders web site could use some input on radial vs bias ply tires and their effect on handling of your ride. Please reply, as you all know, the more opinions-the better. BillB

rodnut: 5/8/2000 - 5:48:55 PM
RE: Tires & Handling
OK: If one is going to drive their car frequently, or for longer distances, they will appreciate radial construction. As most know, radials will roll across ruts, grooves, r/r track xings, etc., without 'following' these road scars as bias ply's do. Radials will give a smoother, more comfortable ride, too. If, on the other hand, you are a purist, and radials were not available for your car when new, you'll want to use original style bias plys. Also, on light cars (T, A, B roadsters, etc.) a bias ply tire will not be as severe handling as it would on a heavier car (fat fendered rigs, etc.)! I have bias 'Stones on my '40's style T track roadster for 'the look', as that is what was available in the '40's (Michelin made radial racing tires in 16'' sizes in the '40's, but Coker want's a bit too much money for me to be able to afford them). This car is light, and should handle reasonably well. I restored a '67 Plymouth Satellite several years ago and used bias Mickey Thompson red line tires on American Torque Thrust wheels. It looked great, but I had to hold on with both hands when driving. It followed every crack and line in the pavement! Horrible to drive, when one is used to radial tires. Plus, our roads here are rutted badly due to studded tire use in the winter. Our freeways have ruts at least two inches deep, in many stretches! If you get into them in a heavy car w/ bias tires, you may not get back out again!!

Chittlin: 5/8/2000 - 6:10:15 PM
RE: Tires & Handling
Have had Radial Tires on the 47 Mercury for 18 years(not the same ones) and would not even think about going back to Bias. Have same road conditions as Rodnut and this car handles like a new one. Just my thoughts.

32tom: 5/8/2000 - 6:17:30 PM
RE: Tires & Handling
Just put 'em on Saturday for a diff. look. I prefer the bias look but these make the car so much nicer to drive.

flatjack: 5/8/2000 - 10:11:51 PM
RE: Tires & Handling
Switched from bias to radial at end of last year on my '39 and you couldn't pay me enough to switch back. Car drives so much better!

Gflat: 5/8/2000 - 10:59:53 PM
RE: Tires & Handling
I assume you guys are running radials with tubes in the older wheels or did I miss something.Just bought a set of 6:50-15 bias white walls for my 48 Merc coupe. Seems to track pretty well, but radials sound better.

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