Posted by Walt Dupont on Sunday, November 11, 2001 at 4:47PM :

Spent my Sunday morning checking some valve spring pressures. I have 2 sets of new springs, one I just got from Job Lot, NOS army suplus, had cosmoline on them had to wash in tinner to get them clean. They are the 32 to 51 springs, coils pretty close together right out of box. They all had 70# pressure at 2in. I squeezed another .310 for a stock cam, they had about 120# pressure, coils about .015 apart, I squeezed a little more, coil bind way before .365 lift. If you set these springs at 2-1/8 in. stalled heights they would not work on a .365 cam. The other set of springs are Elgin brand, supposedly stock. The coils are a lot farther apart. They had the same 70# pressure at 2in. I squeezed them .365 for a Max 1 cam and had plenty of space between coils. I have a new set of Isky springs but did'nt have time to check them yet. According to Motors book the springs are supposed have a minimum of 40# at 2=1/8in. There thats something to think about. Walt

Posted by JWL on Sunday, November 11, 2001 at 6:15PM :

I just did some quality checks on valve springs for Mac's and found the new stock replacement springs have more coils than specified on the Ford blueprint and slightly less than the 40-43 lb. specified pressure at 2.130. They also did not have the damper coils as the drawing requires, and obviously the spacing between coils was less than specified. The drawing also calls for only 6 coils to be active a 2.130 but the tested springs had all coils involved at that dimension. This seems to confirm the observations made by Walt. The springs we looked at would clear .360 lift without binding, but only if set at 40 lbs.

Posted by Walt Dupont on Sunday, November 11, 2001 at 8:02PM :

The Elgin springs I checked came from Mac's, my customer got his own parts. I like them a lot better then the NOS one from Job Lot. At least they would work with high lift cams without coil bind, and have the same pressure depending on where you set the installed hight. Walt

Posted by Ron on Sunday, November 11, 2001 at 8:07PM :

Nice to see people checking this stuff. To just arbitrarily set them at 2" is wrong. I have run into trouble when I first started racing, we ran a 404 radius lifter cam with dual springs. This cam lasted one season and ruined a few lifters, we changed to a 400jr, but kept the dual springd. After the next season we lost the cam and most of the lifters. An old hand at the track said all we needed was 60 lbs on the seat for any cam but the 404. That was almoost 40 years ago and I've never forgot it. With our street engines rarely exceeding 4000-4500rpm I think it would be safe to run 50 and keep the wear and down to a minimum. Keep em runnin Ron

Posted by Walt Dupont--Me on Monday, November 12, 2001 at 8:12AM :

Your right Ron, no need of all that pressure, it's hard on the hole valve train. But I am concerned about coil bind on the old style close wound valve springs on anything but a stock cam. I've never used those dual springs, they must have wicked pressure. I have 2 flatheads out in the last couple yr's with the 400jr. cam and the Esky, single spring, set up at 2in. I did'nt check the pressure, wish I had now, but they seem to be doing fine so far. Walt

Posted by Ron on Monday, November 12, 2001 at 11:36AM :

I use the L-100 cam with .375 lift net lift .360 I use stock springs shimed to 50 Lbs. with no coil bind. BUT I'll have to check the after-market NOS springs JWL brings this up and it pays to check. This is one reason this forum is great we all get a chance to learn something. Ford used a short spring in 52-53 Ive never used them, but now I'm courious. Have a great day guys Ron

Posted by Walt Dupont--ME on Monday, November 12, 2001 at 1:12PM :

Somebody wanted to know what I found for spec. on the Isky springs. I did this first thing this morning. I've had this set of spring for 15yr's or so. Never used , still in the box. Part no. on box 185-G I checked pressure at 2in.=90# at 2-1/8=70# free length is 2.400 I did the next 3 checks assuming a 2-1/8 installed height. At .310 lift=130#---At.365 lift=140#---At .400 lift=150#---At .400 lift I could get a .050 feeler between 5 coils. I think that would be the way to go on these springs, set up at 2-1/8installed height, that would give you 70# seat pressure thats 30# more than stock, you shore don't need any more than that. I'm shore I have been setting springs up stiffer than nessasary all these yr's. I don't care how old get, you still need someone like Ron to open eyes once in a while. Walt

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