From: AV8 Dave (Original Message) Sent: 11/18/2001 4:31 PM

Hi Guys! Friday nite I did a phase of my rearend rebuild that was told to me some thirty-plus years ago by a fine old oval track racer named Frank. It was the fine tuning of the fit betweeen the rear axles and the hubs using valve grinding compound.

The axle needs to be immobilized in a vise if not already in the vehicle and the woodruff key needs to be out. I applied a generous coating of compound to the hub contact point of the axle and slid the hub in place after which with moderate to heavy pressure I rotated the hub in an arc of less than 45 degrees several times. Then I pulled the hub back slightly and then rotated it to a new position (about the width between two of the hub's wheel studs) and repeated the procedure. I kept this whole exercise up until I was back at the starting point. I cleaned off the compound from both surfaces and then did it all one more time.

As Frank had told me, this removes all the marks, rust, and small imperfections from both surfaces making a better fit possible. Then its a matter of putting the hub on and torquing it to specs. I thought of him as I did it and wondered if he was looking down approvingly as he passed away a few years back.

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