From: Klipnocky1 (Original Message) Sent: 7/10/2004 6:22 AM
Got a fly wheel and pressure plate mix up, don't know which engine used the larger pressure [plate bolt circle], possibly the 8RT used them?
Both have the 10 inch pressure plate to fly wheel for use of the 10 inch clutch.
No part numbers that I can track!

From: WallysFlattys Sent: 7/10/2004 8:06 AM
Klip, I can relate. I didn't pay any attention to the pressure plates. What I did notice is the springs are different colors. If we could come up with the color code we could identify the different pressure plates.

From: Flathead4d Sent: 7/10/2004 9:11 AM
Pass. car 8 cyl 9-1/2 clutch ORANGE SPRINGS
Pass. car 6cyl w/o OD 9-1/2 clutch ALUMINUM SPRINGS
Pass. car 6 cyl with/OD 9-1/2 clutch BLACK SPRINGS
Pass. car and Taxi 8 cyl 10" clutch ORANGE SPRINGS
Police car & Taxi 6 cyl WO/OD 10" clutch ALUMINUM SPRINGS
Police Car & Taxi 6 cyl with /OD 10" clutch BLACK SPRINGS

Pass. car pressure plates 9-1/2 clutch GREEN SPRINGS
Police Car & Taxi 10" clutch BLUE SPRINGS

Hope this helps. John

From: WallysFlattys Sent: 7/10/2004 5:27 PM
John, that should really help. Where did you find this information? I have some clutches out of trucks and I need to identify them also.

Thanks, Wally

From: Flathead4d Sent: 7/10/2004 8:04 PM
In the specifications section of the Green Bible. Only showed passenger cars though, not the eleven inch truck clutches. I would think someone on this site has a book for trucks and could furnish that information. Glad I could help. John

From: WallysFlattys Sent: 7/11/2004 10:08 AM
John, thanks. I missed the chart in the Red Bible. There it was on page 376.
F1 19A-7563-A 10 inch Blue
F1 to F6 4 Speed 51-7563-A 11 inch Gray
F2 to F6 81B-7563-A 11 inch Brown
F7 & F8 7EQ-7563-B 12 inch Light Blue

From: Klipnocky1 Sent: 7/12/2004 5:56 AM
Hey Ok we got the color scheme worked out, However my question was on the bolt circles of the flywheel and the pressure plate, some are approimately 2/1/2 inches between bolt holes and some are aprroximately 6 inches, the colors on the springs can't be determined as they all look black,, one has an adjustable throw out bearing release arm on the pressure plate and the other does not.
So the confussion is what flat head engines are they from?

From: barlea Sent: 7/12/2004 9:05 AM
The flywheel with the evenly spaced bolt holes for the Borg and Beckpressure plate is a Merc. Fords have the bolts in three groups of two for the Long type clutch. ..B.

From: Sopp Sent: 7/12/2004 11:28 AM
Thanks for that added bit of info. That means my light weight Auburn clutch is for a Merc flywheel, unfortunately my aluminum flywheel is only drilled for the Long type clutch.

From: Klipnocky1 Sent: 7/20/2004 6:15 AM
Ok Guy's heres a jpg of my flywheels in question, note the bolt circle difference,I have the pressure plates, but don't know which year or flattie it came out of?
Also Sopp mentioned a long type clutch,, so Whats a long type clutch? Didn't know there were 2 types.


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