From Flat32
Holley Carburetor Modification

It's not rocket science to be sure, just retrofitting later model Holley parts in the older model carb. The 1 1/16 venturi carbs were used on '57 and later Y blocks and probably on other makes besides Fords. The whole carb could be used to replace a 94 if a guy wanted to juice up a single carb stocker, but the intake manifold would need to be bored out to take advantage of the larger butterflies.

The parts fit with no modification, but I also changed jets down to 44's, used 6.5 power valves and a real careful standard assembly. Drove across the country and figure to either drop down to 42 jets or lower the float levels a tad because of gas mileage.

I sure would like if somebody else made the change and got the same good results I got, would make me more confident in telling folks to do it.

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