rumble seat (Oct 20 1999 8:52PM) pulling rear hubs
EK and anyone reading this garbage that I write..... Seems like I always have something to say doesn't it? I hope you all don't feel I'm hogging things. If so, say something and I'll shut up and just read this forum.
Anyway, you brought up something that has always been a problem.... pulling rear brake drums.
Here's a trick I learned when I don't have a puller. It almost always works.

Let's assume it's the RIGHT rear brake drum we want to remove. Get the car on level ground, preferably on asphalt or concrete. Remove the right rear axle nut. Now turn it around and run it back on the axle until it is exactly flush with the end of the axle. Now get out your trusty bumper jack.... that's right, a bumper jack! Jack up the LEFT rear until the tire is off the ground a few inches. Grab a good sized hand sledge hammer and go back to the RIGHT side. Put your butt against the right rear fender with your legs positioned apart (so you can swing the hammer between them). Now lean against the fender HARD.... almost to the point of pushing the car off the bumper jack. Using the sledge hammer at the same time hit the axle nut hard. The leaning against the car puts equal pulling pressure all around the drum/axle contact areas. Sometimes it takes 15-20 blows before the drum pops loose. If this fails, and you can't borrow or rent a heavy duty puller, proceed to the next level of drum torture. Let the car back down on the ground. Fire it up and burn some right hand 'donies' hard until the right drum pops loose. This puts lots of pulling pressure against the drum. This level has only failed me once. Level three? Use a torch to heat the drum and spin some more 'donies'. rumble seat

RE: How many Pounds
The 'V8 Times', Sept/Oct 98 Issue, pages 46 and 48, quotes several Ford Service Letters and later corrections. The final direction on tightening axle nuts reads: 'tighten nut 356074-S to 200 to 220 foot pounds; then continue tightening to the next castellation providing final resultant torque does not exceed 275 foot pounds.' From my own experince if you don't tighten that nut down with enough torque you will get a slight wheel wobble. Not noticeable when driving, but the axel will fatigue rapidly and the tappered end of your axel will snap off. Not fun. Suggest all who are driving an original banjo rear get those drum retainers Speedway sells.

rear axle nut torque
rob. I agree with Dave. An old circle track trick I picked up years ago is to tighten the axle nuts and leave the cotter pin out. Drive it about 5 miles and tighten again. Still no cotter pin. 10 more miles and tighten again. This time, torque it and then tighten it to line up the cotter pin holes. Now cotter pin it. After about 500 mile, I tighten it again. Then I check them every year to see if they've loosened. If you don't get them tight, the axle will fatigue and break.... not a pretty sight! rumble seat

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