The following information is to help with the installation of Ford type 4, 4speed transmissions behind flathead 8BA motors.this is all from memory so may overlook some things and have to edit or may not be correct sequence.anyhow,here we go.

1: First thing is to locate type 4 transmission with two holes in each mounting ear for total of 8 sure at least the shifting levers are on transmission (nice to get shifter too but the arms that bolt directly to trans side are necessary

2: I personally like the steel pressed bell housings but if you have cast that will be ok..If car is apart here is a couple of things to check,tip to tip, make sure input shafts of both transmissions are approx the same length I am sure they will be but there are queers out mike both in put shafts at pilot bearing area.again should be same you know what your doing.if necessary may have to have custom pilot bearing but I have never had to do this....good idea to install new roller pilot bearing while your down anyway

3: Most important part...the input shaft bearing retainer is too large for the flatmotors is critical that this be made large enough exactly in center for proper line up of input shaft.if this is not correct it will whine and whine (today this is called degreeing and they do it with offset pins in the bell housing locators)this might have to be done at machine shop but not hard to do and not expensive

4: This should have probably been number one.before removing trans and rear mount down get accurate measurement from centerline of tailshaft up to existing floor will probably have to alter your rear mount somewhat in some fashion to get this back to where it should be to have rear differential factory degreeing to work(ie up and down pinion angle)

5: If you are going to make anykind of power be sure to locate and install the larger clutch/pressure plate hook up from a taxi or police car...stock was 9 1/2 tax/police 10 inch....pressure plate mearly has to fit flywheel and clutch must fit pressure plate and inputshaft of trans...any half decent parts place can match you up

6: Drive shaft...I always had to cut them...its far easier to cut than to lengthen...when you picked up trans perhaps you could have somehow got driveshaft input shaft with same or whole drive matter any parts shop or d/s shop can hook you up with the parts...probably a dozen different ways to do same.if you do this your self be sure sure sure to keep in phase so as to no vibrations

7: Clutch pedal/release arm springs etc etc are from orig so should pose no problems.i never did get the speedo hooked up but am sure this could also be done if ya wanted to and if it worked in the first place

8: Shifter..i used a muncie four speed shifter acuse i had one.made brackets myself to anchor a plate along side and as close as possible to the tailshaft retainer little clip top and bottom on the vertical and a knee brace across the top from tail shaft bolt to rear of shifterplate.this could be welded or bolted,how you want it.mount shifter onto plate as far ahead as possible with two bolts one top and one will only have third and fourth gears with the handle because you have to put hole in plate for shifter pivot pin to go thru we pulling same to go into first or second.sounds complicated but not if you look at it a while.

9: Shifter arms you will have to judge for your self where to cut these as many different types you could use.what I did was cut same somewhere I thought was ok.held them side by side and took a good strong look for trajectory,left an inch or two overlapping and cut off excess.clamped and tac welded same till complete set of 3 were made.after some fiddling and a few changes was satisfied and welded everything up.never even had to readjust after initial settings

Oh well.probably missed something somewhere and will have notes one to ten below that I will add in the future every time I read this...this may sound like a lot of work but I assure you it is not and is well worth all the trouble and cannot believe a flat motor churing and a chugging thru 4 beautiful gears till you've heard it your self...Live long and flat Philbill

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